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Exchange rate US$ 1 = KES 121.60
The PoaPay.com four step process

1 Register as a User

First, register as a PoaPay.com user by providing your contact information and selecting a username and password. Your personal information is protected by Federal US regulations such as USA Bank Secrecy Act and USA Patriot Act and will not be shared. You will only need to register once. After registering, your login will give you secure access to your own account allowing you to return at your leisure.

2 Choose the Recipient and the Amount

Once you have registered, indicate how much money you would like to send and provide your recipient’s contact information. You have 4(four) delivery options: 1) money will be delivered directly to the recipient at home, 2) money will be deposited into a specified bank account, 3) money will be made available for pick-up by the recipient , or 4) via a free VISA-ATM-CARD

Note: Your recipient does not need an internet connection to receive funds. You may also send your recipient a personal message.

3 Choose the Method of Payment

You can charge the amount you would like to send by deducting the money from your bank account or by using your credit or debit card. All the information you provide will be stored in your electronic wallet and is encrypted for your protection. Note: There is a 3.49% surcharge for all credit or debit card transactions. PoaPay.com generally encourages you to use the credit card payment option only for emergency purposes.

4 Initiate the Transfer

You have the option of sending your money transfer for immediate processing or for a later date. We will process the transaction as instructed and securely send the money to your family, friends or business associates. You will receive a message stating that the transaction was successful.

Money remittance is just a click away with PoaPay.com.


PoaPay.com further expands its delivery options through ATM! Aside from Door to Door delivery, Bank Deposit and Pickup from branches. Your recipient can now receive your remittance through the convenience of ATM. Your recipient does not need to be a Bank Account Holder at any Bank in Nepal. If your recipient already has an VISA Debit Card from Kumari Bank Ltd., you can simply click on the ATM link in the Delivery Method options and input his/her ATM Card Number.

If your recipient does not have an ATM card yet, you can simply select the delivery mode as "Free ATM-Card deposit" and get one for him/her now!, we will provide a VISA ATM Card to your beneficiary.


* Log-in to the PoaPay.com website and to your account
* Click on Send Money link
* Enter amount you wish to send and click on the continue button
* Click on Add a New Recipient button
* In Delivery Method options, select "Free ATM-card deposit" and click on the Add a New Recipient button again
* If your recipient already has an ATM card issued by PoaPay.com or Kumari Bank Ltd., simply fill out all the necessary information needed including your recipient’s ATM card number
* If your recipient does not have an ATM card issued by PoaPay.com or Kumari Bank Ltd., simply fill out all the necessary information needed, leaving the space provided for the ATM card number blank. We will process the information and email you a system generated ATM account number for your recipient.
* Click on the Save Information button
* Continue by selecting or adding your payment information
* Review transaction details
* Process transaction
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